Scholastic Aptitude Test, popularly known as SAT is a globally recognized college admission test, administered by the College Board. Your SAT score is a crucial component of your college application through which the administration measures your readiness for college.

SAT Exam consists of two main sections:- Math and Evidence-Based Reading & Writing. Along with these two sections, the exam also includes an optional Essay Section.

Here, at Enzo Education, our faculty consists of highly experienced individuals who have already cleared the exam with a remarkable score. Due to this, they are acquainted with all the possible pitfalls and hiccups that a student might face and subsequently, have the most efficient solutions at hand. Additionally, we also contribute to the student’s preparation by providing a personalized study plan and one-on-one doubt sessions with the faculty.

We understand that in order to pass SAT with flying colors, haphazardly studying any content that we get our hands on is not the key, quite frankly, it is the recipe for disaster. And, that is precisely why we take immense pride in providing our students the best quality preparation material and excellent post class assistance.


We believe that one size does NOT fit all; Whatever the requirements, we have the perfect prep option for you.


Study under the expert guidance of brilliant tutors in a limited class size, which engenders a perfect balance of personal attention and class participation.
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Taught by expert instructors in real-time, LIVE interactive-online training is a perfect fit for you, if you’re always on the go. You receive all the benefits of the classroom training without the hassle of commuting.
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If you need extra attention and hand-holding, then look no further. Private, one-on-one sessions are highly personalised sessions that would empower you to set the pace of the course as per your rate of progress, without any peer pressure.
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If in the first 20 days, you are not over-the-moon with our prep techniques and methodologies, simply email our team and your entire investment will be instantly refunded.

Why Us?

Just like you, we too are obsessed with peak performance and will not settle for anything less.
By coaching hundreds of geniuses and legends from around the world over the past years, we have perfected the process for invoking legendary results.

Learn from Top Scorers

Our instructors have gone out in the middle and cracked the exam at the highlights level, giving them unique insight into the difficulties faced by you and devise the best possible tactics to solve them.

Personalised Study Plan

To ensure that you excel, we gauge your strengths and weaknesses, formulating a highly individualised study plan that is guaranteed to work for you.

Limited Class Size

We limit our class sizes in order to create a perfect amalgam of personalised attention and class participation. The quality of training we provide takes precedence over the quantity of students we permit to each class.

One-on-One Strategy Discussion

Only preparation is never enough, execution in final hours of the exam makes a colossal difference. To assure your preparedness for the same, we facilitate one-on-one strategy discussions with the experts that will iron out any kinks in your prep.

Engaging Course Structure

Why does test prep have to be dull? Our course structure and our talented instructors make even the most boring concepts fun and interesting.

Unlimited Doubt Clearing Sessions

Facing difficulties in a particular concept or a section? Get your weaknesses analysed and doubts cleared by the instructors in one-on-one, not a classroom setting. You can avail unlimited doubt clearing sessions, without any hassle.

In-depth Mock Test Analysis

Avail personalised, in-depth mock test analysis sessions with the faculty to discuss your performance on the mock test and chalk out a plan-of-action regarding the next course of action to achieve the intended result.

HD Video Backup

We understand that sometimes due to unavoidable circumstances, you are unable to attend the class. For this, we provide you the facility of watching the HD video backup of the session you missed.

Top-Notch Course Material

You will get to learn tailor-made techniques such as O.C.T.A.V.E, P.R.I.M.E.X, A.C.T, A.N.T, A.C.E.D, and many more to crack each section of the exam out and out, enabling you to hit your target score in the least possible time.


Here are some FAQs for students to get better information about the exam and the courses we offer.

How much does the registration fee cost for SAT Exam?

If you opt for SAT without essay, it will cost you $92 whereas, if you opt for the essay, you have to pay $103.50.

What is the eligibility criteria of the SAT exam?

People of all ages and grades can take SAT exam which includes students in grades 6,7,8 and high school graduates. There is no such criterion as minimum/maximum age or minimum/maximum GPA.

How much time does it take to get your SAT scorecard?

Usually, official score reports are generally declared 2-3 weeks after every test date. Whereas, if you have opted for SAT with the essay, it might take 3-5 weeks to announce the test scores.

How often can I take the exam?

Students are allowed to take SAT exam as many times they want. College Boards do not have any restrictions on how often a student appears for this exam.

What is the validity of the SAT score?

The SAT scores are valid for a period of five years.

How many times in an year is the SAT exam held?

In India, SAT exams are conducted 6 times in a year whereas in the United States, it is conducted 7 times in a year.

Is essay the mandatory requirement for admissions?

Essay requirement depends on the university and the program that you’re applying to. Many top universities require/recommend the essay

What are the types of courses offered by Enzo Education for the SAT Exam?

There are three types of courses that you can choose from based on your requirements. Classroom Training, LIVE Online Coaching and Elite One-to-One Coaching. You can go for any of these depending on your requirements.

How would I compensate for a missed class?

If you have missed a class, there is no need to worry. In Enzo, we have video backup facilities for students to catch up on missed lectures. Alternately, you also have the option of attending the same class in another batch.

Would I need to buy additional study material?

Once you join the course at Enzo, there is no need for you to buy additional study material. We provide high quality, comprehensive content which is more than sufficient to help you achieve the 99th percentile score.

Is essay review included in the program?

Yes, the essay review is included in the program itself. You can simply get your essays reviewed by the concerned faculty.

How to schedule one-on-one doubt sessions with the faculty?

If you want to schedule a one-on-one doubt sessions with the faculty, simply email or call them and set up an appointment at a date and time that suits you.

I still have a few questions, who do I get in touch with?

If you still have any doubts and queries, get in touch with our in-house counselors by calling official contact number – 9667897817 or emailing at info@enzo-education.com.