We believe that one size does NOT fit all; Whatever the requirements, we have the perfect prep option for you.


Study under the expert guidance of brilliant tutors in a limited class size, which engenders a perfect balance of personal attention and class participation.
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Taught by expert instructors in real-time, LIVE interactive-online training is a perfect fit for you, if you’re always on the go. You receive all the benefits of the classroom training without the hassle of commuting.
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If you need extra attention and hand-holding, then look no further. Private, one-on-one sessions are highly personalised sessions that would empower you to set the pace of the course as per your rate of progress, without any peer pressure.
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Time and again, our students have made us proud with their exemplary performance.
Meet a few of such students who have shown not just rigour, dedication, and commitment, but also commendable mental toughness, leading them to achieve stellar scores and to, subsequently, save thousands of dollars in tuition fees.

Rishabh Bansal770
Rohit Arora770
Deeksha Waykar760
Sheel Choubey760
Ankit Sinha760
Prem Gandhi760
Soumya Kaushik750
Shivank Sood750
Rakshita Sahai750
Aditya Gupta750
Naman Sharma338
Radhika Raj338
Rupal Tripathi337
Mayank Taggar335
Apurv Aggarwal335
Nitika Malik335
Deepankar Saksena333
Rishita Sharma332
Deeksha Aneja332
Rishabh Sharma330
Shubham Sharma1520
Manan Azad1510
Garima Manchanda1500
Arshita Sharma1490
Njnandeep R1490
Nitish Mehtre1460
Shivani Aggrawal1450
Komal Mishra1410
Shashank Gupta1400
Kanishk Aggrawal1390

Why Us?

Just like you, we too are obsessed with peak performance and will not settle for anything less.
By coaching hundreds of geniuses and legends from around the world over the past years, we have perfected the process for invoking legendary results.

Learn from Top Scorers

Our instructors have gone out in the middle and cracked the exam at the highlights level, giving them unique insight into the difficulties faced by you and devise the best possible tactics to solve them.

Personalised Study Plan

To ensure that you excel, we gauge your strengths and weaknesses, formulating a highly individualised study plan that is guaranteed to work for you.

Limited Class Size

We limit our class sizes in order to create a perfect amalgam of personalised attention and class participation. The quality of training we provide takes precedence over the quantity of students we permit to each class.

One-on-One Strategy Discussion

Only preparation is never enough, execution in final hours of the exam makes a colossal difference. To assure your preparedness for the same, we facilitate one-on-one strategy discussions with the experts that will iron out any kinks in your prep.

Engaging Course Structure

Why does test prep have to be dull? Our course structure and our talented instructors make even the most boring concepts fun and interesting.

Unlimited Doubt Clearing Sessions

Facing difficulties in a particular concept or a section? Get your weaknesses analysed and doubts cleared by the instructors in one-on-one, not a classroom setting. You can avail unlimited doubt clearing sessions, without any hassle.

In-depth Mock Test Analysis

Avail personalised, in-depth mock test analysis sessions with the faculty to discuss your performance on the mock test and chalk out a plan-of-action regarding the next course of action to achieve the intended result.

HD Video Backup

We understand that sometimes due to unavoidable circumstances, you are unable to attend the class. For this, we provide you the facility of watching the HD video backup of the session you missed.

Top-Notch Course Material

You will get to learn tailor-made techniques such as O.C.T.A.V.E, P.R.I.M.E.X, A.C.T, A.N.T, A.C.E.D, and many more to crack each section of the exam out and out, enabling you to hit your target score in the least possible time.
If in the first 20 days, you are not over-the-moon with our prep techniques and methodologies, simply email our team and your entire investment will be instantly refunded.


Hear what our real students have to say about us.

Rupal Tripathi


337/400 (GRE)

Enzo is hands down the best coaching institute for GRE coaching. I scored a 337/400 on my first attempt. Their approach to teaching Vocabulary helped me immensely. They have a completely novel approach to teaching which is purely based on patterns and strategies that helped me keep my composure during the exam and give my best shot.

Rishita Sharma

Rishita Sharma

332/330 on GRE

It would highly recommend Enzo to anyone preparing for GRE preparation as they helped me improve my score my score from 295 to 332! What makes them stand apart from any other coaching institute is their alacrity and willingness to personally help you chalk out a study plan based on your strengths and weaknesses. Along with that, the faculty is always available over email and calls to solve your queries and doubts even after the classes have concluded.

Rishabh Bansal


770/800 (GMAT)

Excellent GMAT Coaching. Manan helped me go from 720 in my first GMAT to finally a score of 770 – in just 1 month. It couldn’t have been easier than this.

Nitika Malik

Nitika Malik

335/340 (GRE)

Wonderful experience! The team is very proactive in supporting and assisting students with all their doubts. The class format is also very interactive which further boosts your confidence.
Although the best part for me was that even after the classes got over, I could completely rely on the faculty members to sit down with me and discuss the strategies I could use to improve my result which was extremely helpful in achieving 330+ on my very first attempt at GRE.
Thank you!!

Charu Dutt Arora


770/800 (GMAT)

Elated with the experience here! Scored a 770 Q51 V45.
A big shout out to Manan for the exceptional support during this critical phase of my life! Couldn’t have been possible without your support, Manan! Thank you, man!

Aditya Kapil


720/800 (GMAT)

The whole curriculum is very precise and updated. A teacher like Manan, the tailor-made study material and the unique problem solving strategies were the key instruments that helped me perform well on my GMAT and achieve a 720. I strongly recommend this to anyone who wants to excel the game of 7xx very comfortably and that too in a very short span of time. 🙂

Thanks and cheers!

Ankit Madan


730/800 (GMAT)

One month of verbal sessions on weekends proved to be a game changer for me. For someone who did not believe in scoring well on verbal, 39 was very satisfying to say the least. Needles to mention that 50 on quant was also satisfying. An overall 730 in first attempt with 45 days of prep is something only this institute can assure you of.

Radhika Raj


338/340 (GRE)

scored 338 on the GRE and I am absolutely blown away by my result! I am indebted to Enzo, especially Annanya for being a source of constant support and guidance. This was my very first attempt and I cant thank you enough!!
Also, let me tell you one thing – that they run an extremely gruelling program that prepares you to achieve truly great results, so join them only if you’re ready to put in the effort.

Aditi Iyer


720/800 (GMAT)

It is difficult to sort the good from the bad options especially when it comes to GMAT Coaching. Top One Percent provides the same teachers(namely Manan & Vinay) to everyone who enrolls and rest assured you are in good hands.That said no institute can guarantee results! As long as one meticulously does the homework given every week and follows up with the coach in case of any difficulties, all is good. Post the 1 month training, One can have one-on-one conversations with Manan to improve in specific areas. The insights provided by him are of great help. I scored a 720 (q 49, v 38) at the end of my journey and a great amount of credit goes to the institute !

Akshay Dewan


740/800 (GMAT)

I would highly recommend anyone to Top One Percent for GMAT preparations as they helped me improve my score from 660 to 740 on GMAT.

It wasn’t just the classroom teaching but Manan’s guidance well after classes got over that helped me score a 740 on GMAT.

The best things for me were:
1. Technique based approach to solving Verbal section
2. Excellent practice resources
3. Available over e-mail to solve all your queries and doubts on weekdays.
4. Personally help you in making a study plan according to your GMAT exam date
4. Most importantly, their guidance and access doesn’t end with their classes but goes on till your GMAT exam.

Apurv Aggarwal


335/340 (GRE)

I have attended trial sessions at almost every leading GRE institute in Delhi and I finally decided to go with Enzo. And, I couldn’t be happier with my decision because I scored 335 (Q168, V167).
The fact that the faculty there isn’t just experienced in teaching Quant and Verbal concepts but they have the first hand experience of actually appearing in the exam. This allows them to guide you every step of the way. Even the approach that they use to tackle not just Quant questions, but also Verbal ones helped me a lot on the exam. Highly recommend!

Bhavya Manchanda


740/800 (GMAT)

Great overall experience.I scored 740. The credit goes to you,Manan. You were really helpful.